Thursday, August 16, 2007

the dissapointment goes on...

I am sad to report that the dissapointment continues.

I have yet to be able to orginize a second game, despite my best efforts and having an acctual trophy.

So that is why there is a noticable lack of updates. I will post some pictures of the glorious cup eventually. and When I finally get to award it, there will be pictures of that too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Game: March 24th 8:15 - 10:45pm

Amy – pink
Sheldon – yellow
Phill – red
Chris G – blue
Andy Mac – black

The game starts out as any game does, with the generals assuming control of regions of choice. MiMi sets up shop in Africa, Sheldon has good control over south America,
Chris has an impressive force in Asia, Andy Mac sticks to the home tuff in North America, while I have a rather poor start with parts of Australia and Europe.

Sheldon Starts off very strong with a complete hold over South America, Chris increases his land in Asia AND Andy Mac is frightenly close to dominating North America.

In the first couple rounds MiMi is pummeled from all sides, leaving her army greatly diminished.

I had a hard time gaining any ground while Chris continued to tighten his grip over the Asian continent and Andy Mac’s power grows.

During the next round Sheldon faces assault from multiple fronts and is reduced to a minor force on the globe.

Meanwhile I have taken over all of Europe, but loose it before my next turn, missing out of the Army bonus, shortly after I am pushed from Europe Entirely.

At just 1 hour into the campaign Sheldon is eliminated. All his resources were spent battling back and forth for South America.

Unfortunately after my banishment from Europe I am forced to attempt to regroup in Australia and get sucked into a constant back and forth Battle for the diminutive continent with the pink Army. After a great deal of loses, Mimi is eliminated and I finally have a continent to call my own.

In the last few turns Andy Mac has lashed out at the world and now controls north and south America, Africa and Europe and Chris controls all but 2 Asian territories.

At this point I knew there was no way I could win, but merely prolong the war by slowing Andy Mac’s dominance of the world. I placed all of the men I could muster on Siam. I pushed through India and broke a hole in the European stronghold, continued on my way through the uppermost African borders and down to Brazil and into Central America. Effectively preventing Andy Mac from receiving an additional 15 armies on top his various

After depleting my Armies I was left with little left and open to assault from Chris maintains a strong presence in Asia.
On his next turn Andy Mac is able to push all the way back through the red line, regaining his hold on 4 continents, albeit with a large number less armies.

Before his next turn Chris is assailed from both sides by Andy Mac and myself in a bid for allegiance, Chris essentially being able to decided who is eliminated next during his turn after a massive army card trade in.

Unfortunately having gone to grade school together beats out simply being friends and Andrew wins the allegiance. Chris makes short work of my remaining armies but is unable to do much against Andy Mac Masses and ends his turn.

Andrew begins his turn in control of most of the world and ends it with all of it under his large Fist.

The game is over, the world is won. Time…a heated battle for world domination and a fitting start to the “as often as possible risk: supreme ruler of all the world event”

Congratulations to Andy “Black Death” Mac.

Unfortunately I did not yet have a trophy to present. But I will for the next game I Promise….whenever the hell that will be.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Its finally happend, I got to put my risk board to use. This past weekend I managed to get 5 people together for a marvelous game of risk.
It was great fun.
I will give you a break down of the game soon enough, just hold out a little longer.
Special thanks to : AM, SV, CG and AP for making it possible

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Disdain

Who would have guessed that orginizing a game of risk worul be more difficult than obtaining a giant version of the game.
But alas that is the case indeed.
I have made 2 failed attempts so far and and well on the way to a third such defeat.
Though a number of people have expressed interest in the idea of playing, the difficulty in schedualing is proving to be a menace.
between, vacations, visitors, work, parties, school and lack of money for gas and holidays creadted for the express purpose of getting drunk, ...getting a group of people together is no easy task.
Sure i could get 2 other people together and have a 3 player game, but who wants to play a giant game of risk without the full game?
Esspecially for the first game..i want to make the first game played on my awsome board to be a big one, cause they happen so rarely.
I will doccument (video tape, photograph, take notes about) the first game when it does eventually happen.
In game development news, i have made 3 sticks to move the armies, these are of course the first prototypes, being limited to a 2 foot wooden dowel and a rectangular pice of wood on the end, but they will do. I have tested them, and they seem to work...for now.
Thats about it. untill next time...keep the dream alive.
ps: if anyone knows where i could get a cardboard tube over 3 feet long, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What You've Been Waiting For

So here it is, the BIG picture post.
Its done!
(the map anyway)
Thanks for all those that expressed interest.
(there were so many of you)
Other than having acctually succeeded, the best part about this from idea to completion was a grand total of 10 days.
Now for some pictures.
(all piece in every picture are the same, no editing here)
Regular Sized Green Land.
BIG Green Land
Poor little Iceland with just enough roomfor 2 armies
Little Iceland's BIG brother with enough room for 8
Side by side comparison of Frightening Austrailia
(small on the left)

The little country counter legends.
The Regular risk board in comparison to my full sized pool table.


The newly map super-kick-ass-arific-map in Comparison.

So basically I CAN'T wait to get a game going, hopeing for this weekend.

I will let you know how that game goes, and will keep you updated on the progress of the men moving sticks, and all the other secondary components.

(if you want to keep donating to the cause, you still can, for a little while anyway)

No Chance In Hell

Original Idea

Its just NOT gonna happen
(besides there is no need)

Major Developments

After getting the transperancies made I went home and was getting ready to start drawing
The pages were to big, there was no way I was going to be able to draw the map without getting the pages made again.
So on Tuesday, I went back to the map makers.
I brought the board this time.
We talked about it, they figured they could scan it and asked if i could leave the board overnight.
Of course I can, not going to be playing Risk on a Tuesday night.
I asked when I should come back for it.
I'm expecting them to tell me to leave my info and they will call me in a couple weeks.
"oh, you could probly come in tomorrow if you're in town"
"oh yeah, it will probly be done today, but just to be safe come back tomorrow"
So today at lunch, I went back, sure enough it was done.
The made it 3x5, so its not as big as I wanted but it is more than enough, which you will be witness to shortly.
So yeah, I still want the sticks, differant dice, a carying tube and everything, but the big difficult part is DONE DONE DONE
Now i just need to orginize some games.
Pictures next.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hold onto Your Dice

So i got the transparencies made at lunch today. they look great. They even made them in colour for me.
I could try and put pictures of them up, but don't know how well it would work.
I also have some (potentially) great news.
I went and checked out a differ ant printing company...actually they are a...
I went in and explained what i want to do.
They might be able to do it for me. If they can it will be Phenomenally cheaper....I'm talking less than 100 bucks.
It would not be quite as nice, just laminated map paper, which is all mine is going to be.
It would only be able to be 5 feet instead off the full 6 that i wanted.
Really the only thing standing in the way, is if they can actually scan the game board.
So now I don't know what to do. I could start working on the map tonight as planned, but then there might not be any point if i can get it for cheap.
But if i wait until i have the answer for the company, and its a no, then i wasted a day.
Desicions, desicions.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The first few steps (pictures)

So as I said I put the paper on the wall, so that when i have the projectable map I will be able to get started right away. This is what i have acctually done thus far. (Day 2)

Step one: Gather Materials.

(risk map, projector, roll of paper, sharpee, out of frame is masking tape)

Step Two.

Strips of masking tape over the grooves in that damn panneling.
and step 3

Mounting the giant roll of paper onto the wall.

I will get the transparency of the map tomorrow on my lunch break

(yes i acctually have a job)

And I will begin tracing the map out tomorrow night after work.

Today was a bust

So I was all set to go all out and get started, at least on the out line of the map. I went into town to get the map made into a transparency....and the damn place was closed so i am at a stand still drawing wise until monday.
But i did put the paper up on the wall, and set up the overhead projector, so it's all ready to go as soon as i have the map.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Donations Now Being Accepted

I figured it best to start right away.
So If you are interested, donations* can now be made by clicking on the pretty button to the left.
*Remeber the donations are not for the regular homemade version, the donations are to go towards the full blown, pretty version.

The Back Story

(Please bear with me on the length of this first post)
Welcome my friends, I call you my friends, because that is what i am hoping we shall become, and as my friends you will help me and support me with my goals.
What are my goals you ask? well its quite simple this forum i have only one. To raise enough money to have professionally printed a pool table sized risk board with which to command armies.
Before i get into detail...
"The Back Story".
I love the game of risk, always have all the way back to the time when I would simply get my ass kicked by my older brother because i barely knew how to play, but he needed an opponent.
Over the year i have not been able to play as many games as I would have liked, but almost all that I have played have been great.
This past weekend, my girlfriend, her brother and I sat down and played a game. It was great fun and an overall good game...even if i DID loose.
Throughout the course of the game the idea of a pool table sized risk board was brought up.
(we were using my pool table to play the game on)
"The Idea"
This got the gears of my obsessive personality-mind turning, and its basically all i have thought about this week.
The idea has evolved, de-evolved and evolved again a few times in the course of the week.
The original idea was to get an over-head projector, and draw the map on giant paper, and do it all myself. Then the idea of getting it printed came up. I looked into it, but it is going to cost something like 300-400 dollars to get done.
THAT'S where YOU come in!
"The Project"
To see if its possible to be done, i am going to start asking for donations to get this kick ass map made.
What i propose to do is this:
I will begin making my own homemade version of this project, so even if i don't get the funds i will have one. This will give you an idea of just how cool a proper one would be, and just how much work is involved in what i am doing
(plus it will ad some nice colour to this page)
I will take photos and keep you updated on the progress of said map while accepting to donations to go towards "the real" version.
I will keep you appraised of the funding levels.
When the project is complete I will of course post pictures and capture the first game to share with you.
and that's basically the gist of it. Keep coming back for updates and the like.
I think i have gone on enough for now.
Updates will be often in this first little while.